Download MSDE 2000

Unlike SQL Server, MSDE did not ship with its own Enterprise Manager tool. Developers and users of MSDE applications lack the tools necessary for database design, management, and administration. Downloading MSDE Download MSDE 2000 from Microsoft   Database size MSDE databases are limited to 2 gigabytes (GB) of data. This limit is per database, and […]

SQL Server Express: Management Studio, Downloads, & Limitations

SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is a scaled down version of Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Although the database server is limited in enterprise features, most of the limitations do not affect the database performance for what it is meant to do. Performance limitations in SQL Server Express The SQL engine of SQL Server Express supports […]

Client Network Utility: Configure MSDE protocols

The Client Network Utility is a configuration tool that tells ADO which network protocols to use when connecting to SQL Server and MSDE. The utility can be very useful especially if the network connectivity is limited to certain protocols, like TCP/IP when connecting to the Internet. SQL Server installation, creates a shortcut for the Client […]

Verify SQL Server and MSDE Installation

To verify whether SQL Server or MSDE is installed on your computer, follow these instructions: Right-click the My Computer icon. Select Manage. Double-click Services and Applications. Double-click Services. If MSSQLSERVER is in the list of services, the default instance of SQL Server or MSDE is installed on the computer. Other instances may exist, in which case they will be listed […]

Convert Microsoft Access databases to SQL Server or MSDE

SQL Server and MSDE provide a far more reliable database engine that the Jet engine provided with Microsoft Access. The Upsizing Wizard provided from Microsoft is the easiest way to convert an Access database to SQL Server or MSDE. The Upsizing Wizard preserves database structure, including data, indexes, and default settings, and automatically converts Access […]